The Pack

The Pack is a Hardcore Economy Server, the currency being Creeper Heads. Let’s see what this server has to offer.




The Spawn is a quartz building similar to the antique greek temple. As soon as you log in you will get to know about the Server’s Rules and other informations. You will also get a Starter Kit and acces to an ender chest.


Mob Arena


The Mob Arena involves teamwork, with 3 classes ( Healer, Archer, Fighter ), with over 10 waves, each one more and more challanging. After each wave you will get a prize and the best fighters will be mentioned in the Leader Board. Also, at the beggining everyone gets 20 End Stones to build a structure to protect themselves.


The Shop


The Shop is a building sharing the same theme with The Spawn, custom villagers are selling various items ( from Wood to Dungeon Tickets ) for Creeper Heads. Also players will make their own shops here.




As you probably noticed, there are alot of ways to spend Creeper Heads. But do you get them? Well, one of the best method is getting a job. Currently there are 3 jobs : WoodCutter, FisherMan and Miner but there will be more added in the future.




[An image will be added soon]


In exchange for some Creeper Heads you can buy a Miner’s Cave Ticket. The Miner’s Cave is a dungeon with tons of ores and treasures, but guarded by some ancient miners, followed by a boss.


How to join the server:


There is no age/microphone restriction but you’ll have to follow server’s rules.


The server has auto-save on, all the saves being placed in a folder, so if someone does something wrong, I’ll just rollback the server and ban him. The server also has a jail, a way to punish rude people.


If you want to join The Pack:





Multiplayer experience:

Why would I choose you and not someone else:

Do you speak/understand english easily ?


I also need someone to help me with some tests before the official server’s start (if you want to help add this in your application: :D). The Server will be open to public in 6 hours after this post or 22 hours, depends on how fast I’m done with the last changes ( it can take even more or less time )

Xbox 360

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