Hello, friends! I’m Wardly100 and I’ve recently made an RPG server. 

Within this server you will find many things to do and see. I wanted to make the server as realistic as possible, so a person in the server can’t do everything for themselves. For example, if you are a farmer, you can’t just go mining etc.The way I’ve done this is by adding guards to the server. Guards are like police, they arrest outlaws, kill outlaws, or give outlaws a warning. If they spot another user going into a “Workers only beyond this point.” area, when they don’t work there, they can kill them, without warning, depending on if they stole anything etc. 


Ok, so I think that’s it for the server’s economy, however if you don’t understand you can ask me in-game for a more in-depth description. 



The currency will be coal. Quite simply so that people can’t duplicate it. Coal ore will be worth more than coal, but will be harder to get (due to the fact you need ‘silk touch’ on your pick-axe. Also, I have chosen coal as the currency because it is something which is easy to aquire but not as easy as grass or stone etc.



There are many jobs on the server. These include:


Land-owners: Land-owners quite simply buy and sell land. Simple, right? No. This job is for people with a strategic mind. Once bought a land, you must try sell it for more to make profit. You could do this by hiring a builder/builders to create a building good enough to still make profit after paying for the builder(s) and the land.

Builder: A builder quite simply gets paid to build, whether this be by the King (Me), the land-owner or the architect. Good builders will obviously get paid more and get more job opportunities.

Hunter: Hunts animals for meat and their materials. May build a barn, but will first have to buy the land and materials to build it. Can either keep or sell their materials to the shopkeeper.

Architect/interior designer: Builds the inside structure of the house. Gets paid by the home/land owner.

Miner: Mines for materials. Gets a wage from the miner boss. Must give in all materials which are mined to the miner boss.

Miner boss: Mines for materials. Gains all materials from miner employees. Gives wage of however much they want to their employees. Must give 50% of all coal to the King (me).

Hotel Boss: Owns the hotel, dictates how much a room costs and can hire/fire workers.

Petshop Boss: Sells Ocelots (Cats) and Wolfs (Dogs) to people at however much they want to sell them at. Can hire/fire workers.

Lumberjack: There are three main lumberjack houses, One in a spruce forest, one in a Birch and oak forest and finally one in a jungle. Lumberjacks can chop down trees and plant saplings for trees to grow. Sells all materials to Shopkeeper.

Shopkeeper: Buys/sells materials. Can hire/fire workers.

Guard: Protects the city from outlaws and mobs. Gets paid by the King (Me).

Farmer: Farms crops and sells them to the shopkeeper only. Can buy land to grow/harvest crops.

Entrepreneur: Can start off their own business mid-game after having enough money.

Unemployed: Joins the world with nothing, finds a job in-game (Miner worker, Farm helper etc.)

Blacksmith: Turns ores into blocks. Illegal to work with a furnace unless you’re a blacksmith or have a license to do so. Can hire/fire workers.


Farmers and lumberjacks etc. don’t have to sell their materials to the shopkeeper only. They can also sell them to anyone in the world, however this is using the black market which is illegal so watch out as you could get a mighty fine!


Players can also buy a fisherman membership which allows them to fish. Without this membership, if you are caught fishing, you could be fined.


Players can have as many jobs as they like at one time if the employer employs them.


Buying/selling land:

Anyone can buy/sell land. To buy land from the King (which is unused land) it costs however much in coal in what the perimeter of the land you want to buy is. For example, if you want to buy an area of land that is a 25×25 square, it would cost 100 coal (as that is the perimeter).However, once bought, you can sell for however much you like.





1. Duplicating is not aloud and could result in a ban.

2. Entering the “Moderators Only” house is not aloud and could result in a ban.

3. Once you have bought land, you can make your own laws on it, for example: if you buy enough land to make a town, you can make a town with your own laws etc. however your residents must still follow the city laws.

4. Stealing, killing, using the black market or doing a job you’re not employed to do could result in you going to prison.

5. Griefing in not aloud and could result in a ban.


For more information, ask in-game.

Xbox 360

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