RaidCraftMC Faction Server

I am telling you guys to play on my new faction server! It is free to play on. You can apply to play on it on the reply section on this topic. 



To play factions you need to team up and get members on your faction. You have to find bases and raid or takeover them. Factions are a team of freinds for PvPing. You guys can claim land by the ammount of players you have and build your base. Building a base above ground is a good idea because when your faction members are offline no one can toutch your base and the host watchs it when the factions off line. when a faction member is online that leaves a chance of you geting raided Its that way with every faction. Spawn is a safe zone witch holds alot of stuff but the best thing is the shop were you guys can buy and sell things with special items witch is the currency and the way you raid another faction you have to kill 2 people in that Faction that you are raiding to claim the land.

To claim Land Message DonoDiDo on Xbox 360 in order to claim it.


You can be allied with other factions you don’t kill them

Enemies u dislike each other’s Faction and are at war




The shop is run by the host witch keeps it stocked and ready to go. you guys can buy alot in the shop to wepons,armor,ores,and blocks with a very easy currency and you guys can also sell alot of stuff to make money to like sugarcane,catticus,wood and more the shop and spawn are both protected with simple but good rules.



No duplicating – instant ban 


no spawn killing – kick from game


no stealing from store – instant ban


no raiding faction base if there memebers are offline – killed by host and kicked 


no glitching – instant ban


no spam – kicked


follow all faction Rules- hit with host sword


no useing shop spawn eggs in spawn – kicked


no rageing keep calm have fun – muted 


no grieving spawn-2 warnings than ban


Anyone have anyone questions ask me!!!!


Server open on Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Sometimes Thursday for 8 hours a day or more!

Opening Date: Feb. 23rd


My Gamertag: DonoDiDo

Also you can Apply for Moderator! Which you can kick and ban people, but if abuse your powers u get ban from server, only do what’s right to people don’t kick for no reason!

If good enough you can also apply for ranks.

Coal, Iron, Gold, Lapis, Quartz, Diamond, and Emerald.

Coal: Protection 1 Iron Armour

Iron: Protection 2 Iron Armour

Gold: Prot 3 Iron Armour

Lapis: Prot 4 Iron armour

Quartz: Prot 4 Iron Armour Sh. 1 Diamond Sword

Diamond: Prot 4 Iron Armour Sharp 2 Diamond Sword

Emerald Prot 4 Iron Armour Sharp 3 Diamond Sword

Go Apply Now!!

Xbox Gamertag: DonoDiDo



No Killing at Spawn- Warning than Kicked for 4 days

Once You get accepted you must follow me to spawn area, because spawn is not where u spawn. no one can kill u if u are following me to spawn. Any exceptions anything out of spawn is war zone

Xbox 360

Contact Server Owner