If you love trolls its here. The goal is to build a troll-proof base with the starter stuff. Then ask me for TNT and I will give you and assign you a base. Some cases will have NPC villagers. Those are for loot purposes only. If you attack my base you are admin. Only if YOU succeed! Spawn will have your beginner chests. You wont be able to open chests until I say. Now for rules.

1.No uses NPC bases as your own.

2.Only break Base with TNT

3.Its troll wars. So no killing. If you accept the fight I will allow. Go ti spawn for pvp arena

4.Glitches are fine. Just no Nether bases.

5.Have fun and dont break rules! Or else :-$

Add me PSN is….. L3G3ND4RY_HYN.

Exactly like that.

Any questions? Start chat with me on PS3

First I gain trust to will be ADMIN!


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