Welcome to SharpnessPvP! At Sharpness, we are a loving and compassionate community with a tremendously fun server to back it up. At Sharpness, we feature an economy system where you can unlock new kits as you get kills, creating an addicting experience for the player. Our player kits are very balanced, as we believe that is a key to a KitPvP server, or any server, for that matter. We treat all of our players evenly, and we do not choose favorites. We are an experienced staff who understands the ins and outs of what a Minecraft server should be like. Rules shouldn’t be that strict, but they should be there. People shouldn’t be treated unfairly. Those are just a few of the principles that we as staff follow by on this server. Sharpness is a fairly new server, but it is growing as we speak. We already have solid community support and plan to continue to enhance that as time goes on. So if you want to take the time to join our server, that’s your decision. We would absolutely love for you to do so. Thanks for reading this. – Mighty (Owner of SharpnessPvP)

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